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Data privacy statement regarding conferences / seminars

Pädagogischer Austauschdienst will collect and further process your personal data for the purpose of the organization of the conference/seminar. All participants' data will be considered confidential and will be handled in accordance with the legal data protection guidelines.


The purpose of the processing of personal data performed in the context of the con-ference is the organization, realization and evaluation of the conference / seminar.

Personal Data

The personal data collected and further processed are first and family name, title, gender, your function within your organization, phone number, email-address and in some cases languages spoken and contribution to the conference programme.

Using and handing on data

Your personal data mentioned above will appear in the list of participants (generally without phone number) and will be distributed to participants of the conference and to staff in charge of the organization of the event. Furthermore your name and your organization will appear on your name-tag during the conference. Pädagogischer Austauschdienst may communicate contact details to third parties for the purpose of realizing the conference, e.g. for booking a hotel room or for the purpose of subsequent financial auditing. (For participants from schools in Germany: If your participation requires the approval of the respective Länder authorities, personal data will be transmitted to these bodies (Länder Ministries, school authorities).

If you take the role of a keynote speaker or workshop holder or if you present your project in a working group or a project market, your first and family name as well as the name of your organization will be published in the conference programme. The programme will be distributed via numerous channels and can be included in the (internet) documentation of the conference.

Photo- and film recording

In many cases we document our conferences/seminars with photos and films. Participants agree with their electronic registration that the Pädagogische Austauschdienst will use photo- and film recordings for the purpose of external communications and public relations. If you disagree with individual photo recordings we kindly ask you to inform us before the start of the conference or when you register at the conference office.

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