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European conference "Erasmus + green mobility + green schools", Potsdam (Germany) 4-6 May 2022

At the European conference "Erasmus + green mobility + green schools", 210 representatives of the school sector from 23 participating countries informed themselves, exchanged ideas and discussed how sustainable education can be realised in schools. During the workshops and exhibition 57 projects on environmental and climate protection were presented. These projects highlighted the important contribution that project work makes to raising students' awareness of environmental issues and finally to supporting the Green Deal to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.
Both Marta Gutierrez-Benet, Head of Sector for Erasmus+ implementation, European Commission, and Prof. Dr. Matthias Barth, Head of the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, underlined the importance of environment-related project work for the implementation of sustainable education in schools.

General Information


Programme brochure [PDF, 4.8 MB]


Conference Venue

Kongresshotel Potsdam, Potsdam/Berlin, Germany.
Address: Kongresshotel Potsdam, Am Luftschiffhafen 1, D-14471 Potsdam
The hotel is certified as a „Green Hotel“

Compensation of CO2 emissions via Atmosfair

The CO2-Emissions related to the implementation of this conference will be offset with an amount of € 1,588.00 from EU funds. This amount will be used to support environment-related projects in India, Kenya and Nigeria.


Film about Erasmus+ projects on climate change and sustainability

Film shown at the conference.

Welcoming and opening of the conference

Video message

Dr. Stefanie Hubig, Minister of Education in Rhineland-Palatinate, German Representative to the EU Council of Education

Key Actors

Prof. Dr. Matthias Barth

Marta Gutierrez-Benet

Contribution of Erasmus+ Projects to a climate-neutral Europe (see the list of green links under „Useful references on environmental sustainability“)

Sandra Galli and Sandra Droste

Margarita Auruškevičė

Araceli Ulloa Martinez and Volkan Karlik with their students

Sabine Lioy

Eva Müller

Thomas Spielkamp

Moderation of the conference by Dr. Thomas Spielkamp, Director of the National Agency for Erasmus+ School Education, Germany

Useful references on environmental sustainability

List of green links

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • General website
  • In particular, goal 4 deals with ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Within this goal, target 4.7 reads: “By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development”

The EU Green Deal

Learning for environmental sustainability

GreenComp: the European sustainability competence framework

  • GreenComp is a reference framework for sustainability competences. It provides a common ground to learners and guidance to educators, advancing a consensual definition of what sustainability as a competence entails.

The New European Bauhaus

Education for Climate coalition

3 Billion Trees Pledge

  • Under the European Green Deal, the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030 commits to planting at least 3 billion additional trees in the EU by 2030 in full respect of ecological principles.

Flash Eurobarometer 478 – “How do we build a stronger, more united Europe? The views of young people”

  • This survey asked over 10,000 people aged 15-30 across the EU for their views on what the EU’s priorities should be, and where education and training should focus in the years to come. In particular, the summary under “attachments” provides interesting data about how young people feel in relation to learning on environmental sustainability and climate change.

The European Year of Youth 2022

Further links

eTwinning - spring campaign

In order to receive the materials mentioned here you must be registered in eTwinning (registration).
The eTwinning- spring campaign takes place from 1st to 31st of March and it sheds light on some relevant topics related to the annual theme, such as sustainable development, inclusion, creativity, teachers as learning designers, new learning environments and blended learning. It is aimed at both newcomers and existing eTwinners, who will be provided with inspiring resources on how to foster inclusive and sustainable schools. You will find more information and pedagogical materials on the campaign page.

Project presentation in parallel groups

Presentations at Workshop A

NameInstitutionCountryProject titlePresentation
Heiko LehnEuropaschule Johann-Gutenberg-SchuleGermanyErasmus+ Project „Change of Climate“Questionnaire Climate Course in the School Lab [pdf, 15 KB]
SwedishCostGuard [pdf, 5.4 MB]
Knowledge Study Visit Sweden [pdf, 4 MB]
Sonderborg Youth Declaration 2019 [pdf, 14 KB]
Modern fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood [pdf, 214 KB]
Bianca-Ramona BateLiceul cu program sportiv BihorulRomaniaeTwinning Project „A piece of C.A.K.E. (Climate, Action, Knowledge, Earth)“Presentation
[pdf, 61.7 MB]
Simone MeixnerWilhelm Normann BerufskollegGermanyErasmus+ Project „Think global - act local“Prezi-Presentation
Stefanie MüllerDaniel Theysohn Integrierte Gesamtschule WaldfischbachGermanyErasmus+ Project „A lesson in sustainability“Presentation 
[pdf, 2 MB]
António SantosAgrupamento de Escolas de AlvidePortugalErasmus+ Project „Protect ecosystem and life“Presentation
[pdf, 10 MB]
Moana WidellAcademedia SwedenSwedenErasmus+ Project „Understanding of sustainable development through practical exercises“Presentation
[pdf, 1 MB]
Background information
[pdf, 434 KB]

Presentations at Workshop B

NameInstitutionCountryProject titlePresentation
Jutta FieheHans Böckler Berufskolleg MünsterGermanyErasmus+ Project „Meer Verantwortung übernehmen“Presentation
[pdf, 3.5 MB]
Despoina MavridouNikopolis kindergartenGreeceeTwinning Project „The t(h)ree Musketeers“Presentation
[pdf, 1.5 MB]
Christian NeuhausHannah-Arendt-GesamtschuleGermanyErasmus+ Project „ERASMUS FOR FUTURE - Young Europeans facing climate
change as a common challenge“
[pdf, 3.3 MB]
Igor NikicicDjuro Pilar Primary schoolCroatiaErasmus+ Project „STEM for life“Presentation
[pdf, 1.8 MB]
Ursula SmidtAugusta-Bender-Schule MosbachGermanyErasmus+ Project „Robots Go Green!“Presentation
Uta Steinel-SchrenkInda- Gymnasium, Geschwister-Scholl-GymnasiumGermanyErasmus+ Project „World Heritage Earth- Our Common Future“Presentation
[pdf, 43 MB]
Background information
[pdf, 28.5 MB]
[pdf, 8.5 MB]

Presentations at Workshop C

NameInstitutionCountryProject titlePresentation
Britta BraunGesamtschule EifelGermanyErasmus+ Project „Les ambassadeurs verts- Die Umweltdetektive“Presentation
[pdf, 9.5 MB]
Marina MirkovićTehnička školaCroatiaErasmus+ Project „Together in Environmental Solutions Learning Activities“ (TESLA)Presentation
[pdf, 7 MB]
Beate ButtkusVocational Training College Bonn DuisdorfGermanyErasmus+ Project „Light of the Future“Presentation
[pdf, 5.8 MB
Gatis KasparinskisJelgava Local MunicipalityLatviaErasmus+ Project „Living and learning in natural and green environment”Presentation
[pdf, 2.1 MB]
Ralph ConradElly-Heuss-Gymnasium WeidenGermanyErasmus+ Project „LOOK! For a better place - Schools and the 17
Sustainable Development Goals in their region“
[pdf, 3 MB]
Roar Fossum HamstadFærderNoprwayErasmus+ Project „Planning of green energy savings in houses”Presentation
[pdf, 2.5 MB]

Presentations at Workshop D

NameInstitutionCountryProject titlePresentation
Dr. Petra MoogSophia::AkademieGermanyErasmus+ Project „Learning Environments Applications [LEA]“Presentation
[pdf, 3.5 MB]
Alyssa KruseKGS Thomas-SchuleGermanyErasmus+ Project „Out of the Box“Presentation
[not yet available]
Anne-Kahtrin RischenGemeinschaftsschule am SonnenfeldGermanyErasmus+ Project/ eTwinning Project „Let‘s Think Sustainably“Presentation
[pdf, 11 MB]
Peter LarssonSpyken upper Secondary schoolSwedenErasmus+ Project „Think Smart - Act Green Erasmus+ Climate change and
[pdf, 4 MB]
Andreas UdeBerufsbildende Schule 1 Goslar - Am StadtgartenGermanyErasmus+ Project „Protect ecosystem and life“Presentation
[not yet available]

Presentations at Workshop E

NameInstitutionCountryProject titlePresentation
Bettina BeiningStefan-Andres-Gymnasium SchweichGermanyeTwinning Project „3 Countries, one Region, a commun Goal: Creating a more sustainable future“Presentation
[pdf, 2.5 MB]
Nicole BroerLudwig-Erhard-BerufskollegGermanyeTwinning Project: „There is no planet B“Presentation
[pdf, 1.6 MB]
Eileen JünemannEngelsburg–Gymnasium KasselGermanyErasmus+ Project „Planning for a greener city“Presentation
[pdf, 4.3 MB]
Edita RobertsPrimary School ZŠ VelvaryThe Czech RepublicErasmus+ Project „Ecogeeks in Action“ Promoting Science and Ecology in Primary Classroom“Presentation
[pdf, 19 MB]
Imke StorekBrühlwiesenschule Hofheim am TaunusGermanyErasmus+ Project / eTwinning Project „Sustainability - Europe‘s Future“Presentation
[pdf, 3.5 MB]

Presentations at Workshop F

NameInstitutionCountryProject titlePresentation
Sabine Benning-DienstdorfKatharinen-Gymnasium IngolstadtGermanyErasmus+ Project „Green Morning Europe“Presentation
[pdf, 3.5 MB]
Giuseppe CarusoIIS V. Emanuele IIItalyLocal Calabrian Project „Calabrian Native Project“Presentation
[pdf, 3.1 MB]
Etienne EmmertKarl-Rehbein-Schule HanauGermanyErasmus+ Project „HYGGE - Healthy Youth Going Green in Europe“Presentation
[pdf, 20 MB]
Aušra Degutytė-KančauskienėPažinimo medisLithuania„Scientific hiking - secrets of water“Presentation
[pdf, 4 MB]
Monika SchwarzeKonrad-Adenauer-Realschule HammGermanyeTwinning Project „RESET“Presentation
[pdf, 1.2 MB]

Presentations at Workshop G

NameInstitutionCountryProject titlePresentation
Sara GrunauHeinrich-Heine-Gymnasium DortmundGermanyErasmus+ Project „The culture of colour plants“Presentation
[pdf, 5 MB]
Aneta CopicXV. GimnazijaCroatiaErasmus+ Project „The Magic of Water“Presentation
[pdf, 3.8 MB]
Maren Kranz and Meike Mirete-MummGymnasium Ernestinum CelleGermanyErasmus+ / eTwinning Project „Environment and Sustainability
Understand, Care, Act!“
[pdf, 9.2 MB]
Francesca MortellitiI.C. N.2 „S. D‘Acquisto“ItalyErasmus+ Project „Eco school, Inclusion and Innovation“Presentation
[MP 4, 17 MB]
Christina ThiesingRatsgymnasium OsnabrückGermanyeTwinning Project „Fridges for Future“Presentation
[pdf, 4.3 MB]

Photo Gallery



Project Presentations and Open Space

Project Presentations and Open Space

Plenary Session

Plenary Session

Opening Dinner

Opening Dinner

Group photo

Group photo

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