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“Pupil mobility in Europe – making inclusion a reality”

The ambitious goal of the new Erasmus+ programme is to make learning mobility a realistic possibility for every pupil in school education. The programme starting in 2021 seeks to promote equal opportunities: Inclusion and diversity are key principles that shall facilitate participation of a wider range of schools with pupils from more diverse backgrounds.
This conference on 11-12 May 2021 was focused on the opportunities and challenges to realise inclusive pupil mobility. More than 200 teachers and experts from 24 countries discussed how the Erasmus+ programme can become more inclusive. The event was organised by the National Agency for Erasmus+ school education in Germany (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst) in cooperation with National Agencies for Erasmus+ in Finland, Italy and Norway.

Information about the conference

Cultural programme

The event was originally planned for 2020 in Bonn, where the National Agency for the School Sector is located. Due to the pandemic, the event had to be cancelled and will now be held as an online conference.

We would have liked to have shown you the birthplace of the world-famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who's 250th birthday was celebrated last year. Instead
we would like to give you a small impression of Bonn with the following links.

This Image trailer of the city of Bonn shows that Ludwig van Beethoven is inseparably linked to Bonn in the past, present and future (Courtesy of Bundesstadt Bonn).

Here you can visit Beethoven's birthplace virtually


Programme [pdf, 1 MB]

Film on inclusive Erasmus+ school projects

EU documents about inclusion

Extract from the Erasmus+ Programme Guide concerning the priority "inclusion and diversity" [pdf, 63 KB]

“Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Inclusion and Diversity Strategy” - Implementation guidelines [pdf, 618 KB]

Equity in school education in EuropeStructures, policies and student performance - Eurydice report [pdf, 11.1 MB] (Brief Version [pdf, 7.5 MB]). These reports, as well as other documents and information, are available on the Eurydice website

Erasmus+ from 2021 onwards

“Information about the collaboration opportunities offered by eTwinning” [pdf, 2 MB], 
Ellen Kammertöns, National Agency for Erasmus+ School education, NSO eTwinning, Germany


“Practical steps: How to start a school mobility project in the new programme” [pdf, 2 MB]
Sabine Lioy, National Agency for Erasmus+ School education, Germany

Results of the Working Groups and Panel Discussion

Results of the parallel working groups on 12 May 2021 [pdf, 1,1 MB]

Key Actors

Britta Ernst

Videomessage of Britta Ernst, President of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz), Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Brandenburg

Annalisa Morganti

Impulse in the plenary: “Evidence Based Education: The European Strategic Model for School inclusion” [pdf, 3 MB]

More information about the project "Evidence based Education: European Strategic Model for School Inclusion" you will find here

Savina Moniaci

Presentation of best practice school project from Erasmus+ with inclusive mobility „The Gentle Teaching Experience“ [pdf, 2 MB]
and expert in the panel discussion "Making inclusion a reality"

Sari Lantto

Presentation of best practice school project from Erasmus+ with inclusive mobility „Distanced but not Disconnected - digital collaboration in pre- and post-COVID world” [pdf, 14 MB] and
expert in the panel discussion "Making inclusion a reality"

Louise Mary Rennemo

Expert in the panel discussion "Making inclusion a reality"

Nis Nöhring

Information  about the Erasmus+ project and film „Song4Europe“ [Audio file, 6,5 MB]

Film about the Erasmus+ project „Song4Europe“

Michael Teutsch

Erasmus+ from 2021 onwards: “Strategic objectives and priorities: Inclusion is the key” [pdf, 655 KB]

Mika Saarinen

Expert in the panel discussion "Making inclusion a reality"

Thomas Spielkamp

Moderation of the conference and presentation of  “Chances for pupils, chances for schools, chances for Europe”

Photo Gallery

Screenshots from 11 and 12 May

Screenshots from 11 and 12 May

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